Tally Counter Pro

Creating Reports and Graphs

Clicking on 'Uploaded Data' in the left-hand menu when signed into your account shows you a list of the last 25 datasets which were uploaded to your account. You can use the options at the top of the page to filter your data to the dates, users and counters you require.

After selecting each dataset required for your report by clicking on the check boxes at the left of each dataset, you can download the data - please see the next section.

Exporting Selected Data

At the bottom of the page, are some options that determine the format in which the selected data should be exported. You can choose to limit it according to certain survey times for example, and to group the data so that it is easier for you to quickly use.

The raw event data is always included in every download, so if you decide you need more information than the grouped data provides, or you need to group the data differently yourself using Excel pivot tables, this is always an option.

The data also includes a column for the button set number that was used for each event. This is useful if you want repeated behaviours on different button sets, but need to differentiate between them. You can optionally combine these, or separate them in the grouped data.

Graphing the data using Excel pivot charts is very straightforward, and I will shortly add a video illustrating the process.

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